Solving environmental challenges with Lett-Tak Wood

Solving environmental challenges with Lett-Tak Wood

Os municipality has adopted a new climate and energy plan, and the construction of Os Health Center is an important contribution to the action plan. Strict requirements were set for environmental friendliness and the proportion of wood in the building – and the solution was Lett-Tak Wood.

Ingeniører fra Lett-Tak ser på tegninger av Lett-Tak Wood

The new climate and energy plan required new solutions

Arne Strypet, project manager and departmental engineer in Os municipality, emphasizes the importance of cooperation to deal with climate change. “In our region, we have strong traditions of cooperation, and we believe that together we can achieve national climate goals and build sustainable societies for the future,” he says. Therefore, the municipalities of Folldal, Alvdal, Rendalen, Tynset, Tolga and Os have agreed on a new climate and energy plan for the period 2023-2030.

Os Entreprenør included Lett-Tak Wood in the tender, and this determined the assignment.

Strypet points out that the construction of Os Health Centre plays a central role in this plan. “Sustainability was a key factor in the tender description, and share three in constructions and insulation was weighted with 20%. Os Entreprenør included Lett-Tak Wood in the tender, and this determined the assignment.”

Profitable investment

Energy consumption has been optimized through effective insulation, and both the health center, the municipal center and partly the nursing home will be self-sufficient in renewable energy. “We have to reduce energy consumption, and are very pleased that we ended up with Lett-Tak Wood at the new health center. In addition to the fact that the roof solution is based on wood, we also get a very good U-value for the building,” he says. The municipality also plans to install solar panels on the roof of the health center and has drilled five well parks, which together will produce more energy than the buildings consume.

From an operational perspective, this will be a profitable investment that will justify the construction costs.

“Politicians have pressed to reduce costs, and from an operational perspective this will be a profitable investment that will justify the construction costs. We know that this results in a low total cost over time.”

Vision to build for the future

The mayor of Os municipality, Runa Finborud, is also happy about the new building project. “When Os municipality embarked on this construction project, we had a vision of building for the future, and making conscious choices in line with our new climate and energy plan,” she says. “Our new health center will be a boost for us, because here we bring together a doctor’s office, health centre, physiotherapy, addiction and psychiatry in one place. There has been a need to upgrade our doctor’s office for many years now, and there has been a broad involvement of employees in the development of the new health centre. There are many of us who are following this construction process with interest.”

Finborud is very satisfied with the choice of sustainable solutions in the building. “Here, there will be renewable energy, and in addition it will be a building with low energy consumption – this is ensured, among other things, by the Lett-Tak Wood roof solution.”

Difficult to find compliant constructions

Per Torgeir Oshaug, general manager of the contractor, Os Entreprenør, says that it was challenging to find suitable constructions that satisfied the strict requirements for wood content. “In addition, the roof had to be well insulated, so that the energy could be conserved inside the building in the best possible way.”

He says that Os Health Centre is a building that will stand for generations, so the roof also had to meet high requirements for strength and durability. “For us, it is also an advantage that the roof can be installed in a short time, so that we can quickly seal the building. Our choice fell on Lett-Tak Wood, a wood-based roof solution with a low U-value, which has long spans and a short installation time.”

Development for over two years

Simen Gulbrandsen, sales manager Norway at Lett-Tak Systemer AS, says that they have been working on the development of Lett-Tak Wood for over two years. “We are proud to be part of this environmentally friendly project, which is the first building to use this new roof solution. Considering the action plans in Os municipality’s new climate and energy plan, Lett-Tak Wood fits in very well,” says Gulbrandsen.

Montering Lett-Tak Wood
Simen Gulbrandsen with wood fiber insulation from Hunton.

The roof element is produced in Metsä Woods’ Kerto LVL, which is a stable material in laminated fiber wood. “The material has very high strength and good stiffness properties, good dimensional stability and low weight,” continues Gulbrandsen. “The surface is solid, which makes it optimal for fixing the solar panels that will be mounted on this building. The roof has a U-value of 0.09 W/m2K. Hunton wood fiber insulation has been used, which has a low climate impact and binds up greenhouse gases throughout the product’s lifetime,” concludes Gulbrandsen.